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Trivia Night @ Baby’s All Right

Want a chance to win (4) 3- day passes to The Governors Ball Music Festival 2014?!? Come hangout with the folks who make The Governors Ball Music Festival happen!

Swing by Baby’s All Right (146 Broadway Brooklyn, NY 11211) for trivia, $5 Govenas and a chance to win (4) 3- days passes to the festival. 

Triva questions will cover a plethora of topics including but not limited to: music, NYC, pop culture and internet weirdness.

*No using fancy phones to look up answers
*Teams are limited to 4 people

Don’t have 4 people for your team? No worries, you can form a team of new festbesties at Baby’s.

Grand Prize for the winning team: 
(4) 3- day GA passes to the festival

Runner up: 
Gov Ball Merch Prize Pack 

Happy Hour starts at 6:00PM, you must register your team by 6:45PM, trivia starts @ 7:00PM sharp!


Tuesday night is gonna be all right,
Team Gov Ball & Baby’s

Hearts Interview

HAERTS took a break from their busy tour schedule to chat with us about their band, brunch and what it’s like playing at a festival.  

Gov Ball: Tell me a little bit about how you guys formed as a band.

Nini: It’s always hard to pin point where HAERTS really started since Benny and I have been writing music together since we were 14 years old growing up in Germany and it seems like everything from then on has built up to HAERTS.  We’ve been collaborating for all these years and went through many different stages in that process, but it was in 2010 when  we moved to New York City, that we started writing the songs that eventually turned into the first HAERTS releases. After we had written a lot of material we started working with Jean from St. Lucia and developed our sound a lot during that initial time. He eventually introduced us to Garrett and when he came on board it was the beginning of HAERTS as a full band. I think he was the person we had subconsciously been looking for, for a long time and his dedication, playing and aesthetic felt right from the beginning. Derek we’ve known for many years and he’s always been the “one and only” bass player for us. In the past year the four of us have grown together a lot and in a way found a new dynamic and rhythm as a band. 

Gov Ball: How did you come up with the name Haerts?

Ben: Since we started HAERTS as a studio project we did not have a name for the longest time.  At some point after recording the first songs Nini and I realized that it was time for a name and when we went through a lot of her lyrics, we realized that almost all of the songs had the word “heart” in them. We instantly gravitated to the plural of the word since it was a reoccurring theme as well as a simple and strong symbol. We chose the “germanic” spelling because we were intrigued with the unconventional or, if you want, “wrong” spelling and we liked the way it visually stood out.

Gov Ball: What is it like playing outside at a festival compared to a traditional venue? 

Derek: Playing outside is so exciting. The sounds of other bands from other stages, the wafts from the food trucks, the general buzz of people having a good time outside. Also it’s inspiring to see so many other bands doing what they do - most of the time I keep track via blogs and YouTube. There will always be something special about seeing a band live.

The weather also sets the scene for a show; songs translate differently depending on the weather. I’ll never forget seeing Washed Out at Laneways last year when we toured with them. The sun was setting and everything was covered in a gorgeous golden glow; the perfect light show for a band like that. 

Garrett: That is the most romantic description of a festival I’ve ever heard…

Nini: Haha! I personally have never smelled a food truck whilst performing.;) But yes the atmosphere at the few festivals we’ve been part of has been beautiful and definitely different from the shows we play at venues. Every space and stage informs a new experience for us as well as for the audience and playing outdoors especially so. It’s all about context and I think it’s important to always be very aware of where you are and in a way really feel the space you perform in. I can imagine that it will be crazy in the best way to play Governors Ball -  a festival in the city we live in.

Gov Ball: What are three songs you would like to cover as a band?

Garrett: We’ve been throwing around some ideas.  Some for fun, some more seriously. “Borderline”, “Secret Garden”, “A Punch Up At A Wedding”, “Take It To The Limit”.  We haven’t done too many covers because - at least for me - its a big responsibility.  You are taking what someone else made and transforming it to express how you feel.  You cannot do this lightly, especially if you love and respect the original.  There are even songs that I put a category of their own, which I think are untouchable and should be left alone.  On the other hand, if there is something in another’s song that you are really drawn to and feel you can tap into emotionally an express in a unique way, that is also your responsibility. To maximize the song in a new way - to give it new life.

Gov Ball: What is your favorite brunch spot in New York?

Ben: Joseph Leonards

Gov Ball: Who are you most stoked to see play at Governors Ball?

Garrett: Grimes, Disclosure, Phoenix.  I am most excited to watch Spoon though, who I’ve never seen before but have been a fan of for a long time, and to see Jim Eno drum.  We did a live session for Spotify at SXSW this year that Jim recorded at his studio Public Hi-Fi.  We went in to record a few songs and just had a great afternoon with him.  It is very special and rare to find a person that you feel comfortable working with but who also challenges you.  For this session, we didn’t have much time and were forced to start recording before becoming aquatinted with each other, but found that we had a really nice rhythm, and quickly came to know each other through working.  I left feeling respect for his approach as an engineer/producer and for his huge enthusiasm for music.  Now, we have the pleasure to watch him on stage bang away at his kit and to see a whole different side to the man.

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